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At the Rideshare Business Guide, our mission is to provide meaningful answers to all of your rideshare questions.

We know how frustrating it can be trying to find useful answers on the internet, we've been there ourselves.

Our intent is to save readers from that pain and lead them directly to the answers they are seeking.

There are a lot of websites and social media posts/advertisements suggesting that rideshare driving is a great choice for everyone.

Driven strictly by a profit motive, they conveniently leave out the reality that type of vehicle; city/market population; and personal temperament are factors that should be considered before blindly becoming a rideshare driver.

The fact is that rideshare driving is not right for everyone.

We are here to provide the voice of reason for people who want to make an informed decision about becoming (or not becoming) a rideshare driver.

Rideshare industry analyst Wylee Post [LinkedIn] has completed 13,000+ lifetime trips as a full-time Uber driver and Lyft driver in Denver, Colorado.

As an active participant in the industry, Wylee has been analyzing rideshare-related news articles and academic research papers for over three years.

With his background as a corporate data analyst and trainer, Wylee provides keen insights for participants in the rapidly-changing peer-to-peer ridesharing industry.