Lyft Driver Discounts on Vehicle Service Centers – A New Trend?

Lyft opens 'Driver Center' in Phoenix; offers rest areas, discount vehicle work

The article referenced for this blog announces a benefit for ridesharing drivers worth getting excited about.

When Lyft announced the new service center in Phoenix, they said its mechanics would offer


"Honest prices on maintenance and routine services with the goal of delivering the services drivers need, rather than up-selling them on services they don't."


For drivers who don’t live in Phoenix Lyft’s web site helps drivers find preferred vehicle service and repair shops that offer Lyft driver discounts. 

Lyft’s “Vehicle Services” web page says:

“We've built the world's most trusted and transparent automotive services marketplace.”


This helps confirmed what I’ve believed for years… from a business perspective Lyft usually seems to be playing “the long game” meaning Strategic management - patiently building a business to be the best it can be now and long into the future. 

This appeals to me and mirrors my plan for Rideshare Business Guide… I hope my readers will see we’re focused on helping ridesharing drivers succeed now and in the future.

For our personal vehicle’s repair and maintenance finding a trusted repair shop is important… for a ridesharing driver a trusted repair shop, charging honest prices, represents more money in our pockets… higher “take home pay.”


Lyft Vehicle Services - Finding the Best Repair Shop

Less than a year ago I switched to a different repair shop and I wish I had shopped around more years ago.



My old shop did good work, when I researched them there were positive reviews on a variety of websites and my first few experiences were positive.  I tend to be very loyal and for years they were my shop.

When the counter representatives said they did not do hybrid battery replacements I looked around and found an independent shop that installed the same brand-new battery used by Toyota dealers.  This shop charge $2,300 for the hybrid battery installation, a repair that can cost $4,000-$5,000.

My new shop focuses on servicing hybrid vehicles and when I asked what they charged for some of the expensive repairs I received at the old shop I learned they charged about 40% less for every repair… 40% less!!! 

During the two years my old shop was doing all the servicing on my Prius I suspect I would have saved well over $2,000, probably more… I don’t want to think about it. 

And since the new shop focuses on servicing only hybrid vehicles, they have been far more knowledgeable about the common issues the Toyota Prius experiences and the best ways to keep my Prius in top shape without spending too much of my ridesharing income.

Since I became a Lyft driver and Uber driver in April 2016, I’ve put almost 200,000 additional miles on my 2006 Toyota Prius.  I’m sure that sounds like a lot of miles… and it is… but in that time I’ve worked mostly full-time hours and completed almost 14,000 passenger trips.

When I purchased my Prius used for $8,000 it already had 98,000 miles on the odometer, purchasing a quality used vehicle with about 100k miles has always been my habit, vehicles lose up to 50% of their resale value in the first 5 years of service and there are vehicle make and models that deliver well after 100,000 miles.

When I find a vehicle I’m thinking about buying I always pay to have my trusted mechanic inspect the vehicle before I buy it… it typically costs about $100 and well worth it.

My Prius like all of my other Toyotas has been very reliable, almost without exception all of my repair expenses have been repairing/replacing parts that will wear out on any vehicle.  Obviously brakes and tires but at some point, every vehicle will need new wheel bearings, struts, catalytic converters, etc.

As I’ve advised my readers before rideshare drivers would be wise to understand that all of the income they earn is not really theirs to spend… vehicles require servicing and rideshare driving means more miles and as result more frequent maintenance/repair costs are inevitable.


Lyft Driver Discounts on Vehicle Services

I recommend drivers take advantage of Lyft’s “Vehicle Services” website.  It is a good place to start when attempting to find the best possible service options for your vehicle.

When making a phone call to a potential new service shop I recommend having a list of common repair services and asking what they charge to repair/replace….

I suggest focusing on repairs that are “black and white.”  For example, brake repair is not “black and white” because not all brake parts will need service/replacement every time you get work on your brakes.

Examples of repairs I’ve experienced that are black and white would be an oil change; wheel bearings; front suspension struts; air condition/heater blower; and headlights.  With newer vehicles the cost to get a headlight working again can vary widely and cost hundreds of dollars if you need new bulbs and ballasts.

During your phone research you can decide for yourself if the representative sounds helpful and honest or maybe sounds like their pricing could vary dependent on… who knows what? 

Ask if they offer Lyft driver discounts even if the shop isn’t listed on Lyft’s website.

If you’re not getting straight answers to the cost for black and white repairs… you might want to move on.

I was happy with my old shop… until I found out I could be paying a lot less and still be getting quality work.  And I suspect something changed over the years because the counter representatives started recommending repairs that my Prius didn’t currently need, saying things like: “When a car has this many miles…”

In my book Driving for Uber and Lyft - How Much Can Drivers Earn? I provide a wealth of information about ways to find a quality service and repair shop. 

And of course, How Much Can Drivers Earn also provides all the information you need to master the business side of your rideshare driving business. 

How Much Can Drivers Earn details a simple step-by-step process to calculate expenses for any vehicle (including estimating future maintenance and recovering the depreciating resale value of any vehicle.) 

This book delivers simple-to-understand and easy-to-follow directions to calculate your rideshare driving net take-home pay (Including calculating self-employment taxes and recovering what you paid for the vehicle.)

Driving for Uber and Lyft - How Much Can Drivers Earn?

Safe driving and remember, money saved means more income that is yours to spend. Take advantage of all the Lyft driver discounts available.

Lyft opens 'Driver Center' in Phoenix; offers rest areas, discount vehicle work

Lyft Driver Discounts on Vehicle Service Centers – A New Trend?