Lyft Uber Driver Signing bonus and Coaching

Coaching for Lyft and Uber driving seems kind of silly doesn't it?


Don't you just go out and drive?

After all, there are no secrets to driving for a Ridesharing company or earning a Signing bonus

You don't need anyone's advice or guidance to become a driver for Lyft or Uber Technologies Inc

Just go to the website for one of the companies and sign-up

It really is as simple as that

You can get a better driver Signing bonus if you have a referral code, but you don't absolutely need one

Do you still have questions?


Perhaps there are things about rideshare driving that you want to know before jumping right in?

Stanford University Ridesharing Study

How about this valuable nugget from a Stanford University study of one million rideshare drivers:

"A driver with more than 2,500 lifetime trips completed earns 14% more per hour than a driver who has completed fewer than 100 trips in her time on the platform, in part because she learns where and when to drive and how to strategically cancel and accept trips."

Do you understand what that means for you as a new driver?


It means that

when you first start driving

for a Ridesharing company

you will be earning 14% less than your full potential.


If your earning potential is $20 per hour

you'll make about $17 per hour

until you learn all of the ins-and-outs

of being a successful Ridesharing driver.

The Stanford University quote identifies two requirements for maximizing Ridesharing earnings:

  • knowing where and when to drive
  • knowing how to strategically cancel and accept trips


Ridesharing Driver Skills

There are some other skills that aren't mentioned:

  • how to use both the Uber Technologies Inc and Lyft apps at the same time
  • how to subtly increase passenger tipping

Because Uber and Lyft treat each of their drivers as an Independent contractor, the companies are legally prevented from providing any kind of employee handbook or "how to be a ridesharing driver" training. 


New drivers are left on their own to either sink or swim...

...and most sink within the first 90 days.


If contract law allowed Uber and Lyft to teach drivers how to maximize their earnings, each Ridesharing company would certainly do so because it would help their bottom line and dramatically reduce the new driver failure rate.

Benefits of Coaching


There are Three Reasons Why Coaching Really Makes Sense

  • On their own, new drivers have to complete about 2500 rides before figuring out how to maximize their income
  • Uber and Lyft are legally prevented from providing ANY training to their ridesharing drivers
  • A coach can provide a referral code for Uber or Lyft that maximizes the new driver Signing bonus


Coaching cuts the 2500-ride learning curve down by a factor of 10 or more. 


Instead of taking a year or more to become an expert, a new ridesharing driver with a coach will be able to maximize their earnings within the first few weeks after signing up.

Signing bonus for Ridesharing Driver


Earn the maximum possible sign-up bonus with Lyft and Uber

Receive Coaching from an expert ridesharing driver

Get on the fast track to maximum earnings